Main fields of expertise

  • Territorial economic development
  • Cluster and value chain promotion
  • Standards and quality infrastructure
  • Industrial Policy
  • Green Economy
  • Coaching and methodology development

Working experience

2003: Founding partner of Mesopartner

1997-2002: ISA Consult GmbH, Bochum (Germany), senior consultant

1996-1997: Foundation CIREM, Barcelona (Spain),, junior consultant

1991-1994: University of Bremen, research project on regional development in Europe,  researcher

Editor of Spanish version PACA Newsletter and host of RadioDEL Podcast.

Work experience mainly in Latin America (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay), the Caribbean and Europe (Germany and Spain).

Personal background

Born 1965, PhD in political science and economics (Bremen 1999), MA in economics (Hamburg 1991).

Ulrich is based in Chascomús, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

You can reach me via E-mail or Skype

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Milestones in a process of innovation, change and development  
This anthology brings together a large variety of articles and comments by development scholars and practitioners from all over the world.  
Mesopartner Working Paper 08  
How to Promote Clusters. Clusters are defined as a territorial agglomeration of closely related industries. Clusters mostly emerge due to historical coincidence. A typical sequence would go like this: Some person starts a garment operation. As the founder is competent and the…  
Mesopartner Working Paper 09  
Benchmarking Territorial 
Competitiveness. Competitiveness is a concept and a reality that is rapidly spreading throughout the world. Market logic is an increasingly widespread principle that affects not only all kinds of companies but also territories, whether they are cities,…  
The Relevance of Quality Infrastructure to Promote Innovation Systems in Developing Countries  
What is the potential and the relevance of Quality Infrastructure (QI) for innovations in developing countries? The working group “Promoting Innovation Systems”, funded by the International Technical Cooperation PTB, is investigating this question, aiming at integrating the…  
Why should we work on the meta level, even if it’s difficult?  
Systemic Competitiveness (SysCo) is a guiding framework for private sector development in the context of development cooperation. It distinguishes four interlinked levels of intervention: the micro, the meso, the macro and the meta levels of competitiveness.  
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